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Hi, I’m Lillie. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Brown Bear Family.

Blog : RIP Terry O’Neill.

Armed with an epic creative talent, honed on Fleet Street during the Swinging Sixties, Terry photographed a Who’s Who of society, celluloid and music, as it exploded out of London…travelling across the Atlantic and beyond.

Blog : Heaven Know’s Nick’s Miserable Now

So, when your mate, who is the same age, has the same warped sense of humour, into all the same stuff, even supports the same football team, casually announces in the pub amongst all the other bollocks spouted between the two of us, that he has been thinking about killing himself, you do pretty much sit bolt upright, spill your pint & listen.


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